Thursday, August 31, 2006

Weird VS2005 Error

I'm posting this in case others hit the same issue.

When trying to doa ClickOnce deployment, we hit the following error:

"Cannot publish because a project failed to build."
"SignTool reported an error. "The parameter is incorrect."

We switched from VB to C# and it worked fine. I'll leave this blog posting out on the net so it can help someone else out doing ClickOnce deployments.

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Audimar said...

To fix this problem, open the project's properties from the Project menu and select the 'Signing' tab. Check the 'Sign the ClickOnce manifest' checkbox and either create a test certificate (with password), or select an already created certificate (*.pfx) file.

This problem could occur if you're moving projects from one computer to another, in which case VS2005 cannot locate your (*.pfx) file because of the other computer's different drive name(s) (pathname(s)).

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