Monday, April 18, 2011

This one is a real Keeper

So, if you ever get this error while trying to work with OleDb and SAS IOM:

The object ... could not be found; make sure it was previously added to the object keeper

Make sure that you include the following lines (the lack of a Keeper is what causes this error):

ObjectFactory factory = new ObjectFactory();
ServerDef server = new ServerDef();
Workspace ws = (Workspace)factory.CreateObjectByServer("ws", true, server, "", "");
ObjectKeeper keeper = new ObjectKeeper();
keeper.AddObject(1, "SASServer", ws);

That whole ObjectKeeper is missing from a number of examples that I have seen and it is critical for everything to function. It becomes apparent when trying to get the data from an OleDb DataAdaptor.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! Would have taken me forever to figure this out. I'm completely unfamiliar with SAS - trying to update some old .Net code (with new 64-bit platform, new SAS version, etc.) -Walt

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